Commissioner needs to crack the whip

By The Editor Mbongeni Mbingo on July 23,2010

Swazi Times

Let me just harp on this Brain Slovo Shaw issue once more, in the hope that further progress will be made, and encouraged by the news that he is now contemplating handing himself over to the police. Shaw is only a suspect in the petrol bomb cases and we are made to believe the police want to have a friendly chat with him to ascertain a few things.
But Shaw had reacted by going on the run and telling our sister paper that he would not surrender because the cops had informed his mother they would kill him. These few months have been very tough for the police, if not their chief, Isaac Magagula, and I am sure he has had many sleepless nights while having to deal with the many reports and allegations about the cops handling of certain cases.
I recently wrote to plead with Shaw to hand himself over, although fearing that if he did and ended up dead, by any sheer coincidence of course, it would be a regrettable thing. So, reading about his latest interview in the Times SUNDAY that he was thinking about returning home and handing himself over to the police, I thought it would be the right thing to do.
My wish today is to once again appeal to the police to treat this one with care for it is that important. If he ends up showing up at the nearest police station, nothing must happen to him, no matter who believes that he has a right to vent his anger on him.
No lessons should be taught on him. No cops should take out their frustration on Slovo. He must be left alone—unless of course there is sufficient evidence that he needs to answer for something. And if that be the case, then it must only be in a court of law, not in an abscure place that has been forsaken. No. It must be dealt with the right way.
I believe I should point this out because after reading the Swazi News last week, I was scared the police officers were getting uncontrollable. We have had the case of the woman who was thoroughly assaulted by the police—at a police station, and she had not even done anything wrong.
That this could happen is beyond shocking; but I am glad the commissioner has reacted swiftly and wish he gets to the bottom of that matter as soon as possible. However, this does not mean just putting together a probe team, it means tangible action being taken, and we are all hungry for results—to see those responsible for this being literally punished, otherwise it will all mean nothing to us.
The commissioner needs to come out with his guns blazing, pointed towards his charges, and not the media or the public. I trust he is working on this.
As for the case of the 11 police officers reported to have been found torturing a suspect, it just goes to show what a danger the police have become to the institution. It is that type of thing that really needs for the commissioner to throw his toys out of the pram, for the cops are now making his job impossible. I say this because I know he does not condone this. We do not want any more of these incidents, but are dying to see those of good policing; and our cops are good enough to know this.
Anyway, one wishes that nothing stupid happens in the eventuality that Shaw hands himself over. If anything happens, well, I suppose we will be kidding ourselves to think it, heads will seriously roll—and I mean heads.

Isaac has not publicly guaranteed the safety of Slovo.We have not heard tough talk or seen tough action against the hotheads posing as police officers from Isaac! Police officers assaulted a suspect last week. Despite evidence, Isaac sets up a Commission of Inquiry! This will suffer the same fate as Sipho Jeles's inquest! These killers have no place in society! I am still not convinced why Brian should hand himself over if he hears such stories. Isaac has successfuly casted Brian as a criminal in the media! YOUR PLEA TO BRIAN IS BOTH FALSE HEARTED AND HALF HEARTED. Direct your plea to Isaac to make a public statement guaranteeing the safety of SLOVO in the hands of police. If not, then we have a problem!
July 23, 2010, 3:42 pm, velaphi Dlamini (