Clifford not happy with gaddafi

By MANQOBA NXUMALO on January 03,2011

Swazi TImes

MANZINI - The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Clifford Mamba, reportedly criticised Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in a highly confidential cable released by WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks has released highly confidential cables, reportedly about a conversation between the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Clifford Mamba, and Maurice Parker wherein he made highly controversial remarks about the President of Libya, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

The contents of the cable have also been made public to the international media and a report on it has been published by the Guardian newsp-aper in the United Kingdom.

The Times reported about a week ago that WikiLeaks had 89 cables about Swaziland that they hoped to release in due time.


Mamba is said to have criticised the Libyan leader by suggesting that Gaddafi’s style of leadership is chaotic and autocratic.

Mamba’s comments are contained in a diplomatic cable, marked ‘secret’, written in April 2009 by Maurice Parker, the then-US Ambassador to Swaziland.

The cable also contains other comments he reportedly made on issues like Kosovo and the Non Aligned Movement.

It also has comments on the United Nations Human Rights Council in which it is quoted "The PS was pleased to hear of the U.S. re-engagement on the UN Human Rights Council and complimented the Obama administration on its new policy towards Cuba.

He informally pledged positive support for U.S. candidacy to the council."

Mamba is also said to have criticised Gaddafi’s time as Chair of the  African Union (AU) by saying Gaddafi had ‘put the AU secretariat into chaos, bypassing all protocol and the institutional framework’ during his time in charge.

Gaddafi was Chair of the AU for one year, until January 2010.

 Mamba is said to have also criticised Gaddafi’s call for the creation of a ‘United States of Africa’.


He said, ‘Moving one country in one direction is hard enough, much less moving 48 countries.’

Relations between Gaddafi and the King are said to be warm. In 2009 he sent the King six camels as a token of friendship.  According to the report on the leaked cable, the Prime Minister has been to Libya several times. His last trip is said to have been in November 2010.

We are not surprised - Lufto

MANZINI - Minister of Foreign Affairs Lutfo Dlamini has said they are not surprised by the leaking of documents by WikiLeaks because the Americans had explained to him that this could happen.

Dlamini did not say much save to say the American government had informed the world that there would be sensitive material published on the internet.

"We are not surprised at these developments. We were told by the Americans that we should anticipate confidential cables being leaked. In fact, in our case I was even informed formally by the American government about these leaks," the minister said, before suggesting that this newspaper talk to the Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary, Clifford Mamba.

He added that they were going to investigate the authenticity of the leaked document but repeatedly said the best person to comment on this story would be the PS.

Mamba was called several times yesterday from around 1pm to 5pm but he still did not answer his phone. A text message was sent to him but he had not responded at the time of going to print.

‘This has harmful implications’

MANZINI – The Public Relations Officer at the American Embassy, Molly Sanchez, has described the leaking of confidential cables as harmful to engagements between nations.

Sanchez told this newspaper that, as a matter of policy, the American Embassy Department of State does not comment on materials, including classified documents, which may have been leaked. 

"Any unauthorised disclosure of classified information has harmful implications for the lives of the identified individuals, but also for global engagement among and between nations.  We condemn such unauthorised disclosures and are taking every step to prevent future breaches," read a brief statement sent yesterday.

Govt: Talk to Clifford

MANZINI - Govern-ment spokesperson Macanjana Motsa has equally refused to talk about the leaking of cables detailing the opinion a senior civil servant in the Foreign Affairs Ministry holds of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Clifford Mamba is reported to have told former Ambassador to Swaziland Maurice Parker that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the controversial and very rich Libyan leader, is autocratic and had made a mess when he held the Chair of the African Union.
He is said to have thought Gaddafi’s ambition to unite Africa under one country is farfetched and near-impossible.
When Motsa was asked to comment about the leaked cable from WikiLeaks, she said she was on leave and that this was a matter that could best be answered by the Principal Secretary in the Foreign Affairs office, Clifford Mamba or her assistant, Sabelo Dlamini. Dlamini also had nothing to say other than to refer this reporter to Mamba.
Mamba could not be reached for comment because his phone was not answered when called yesterday.