Bomb scare at Lilunga House
By TIMOTHY SIMELANE on October 02,2010
Swazi News

MBABANE - A compressor that was abandoned near the Lilunga House in Mbabane caused a scare as everyone in the building was ordered to evacuate yesterday morning
The Police Bomb Disposal Unit and Guard Alert security guards had suspected that the compressor was a bomb.
The object, which was black and white looked like a blunt missile. It is currently being carefully studied by the police to find out its source.
Lulunga House accommodates offices for United Nations Agencies such as UNDP, UNFPA, WHO and UNICEF as well as the Swaziland Tourism Authority, among many other tenants.
It is one of the buildings with strict security measures, most of which were introduced after the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States of America.
A security guard, Zwide Nxumalo, said he was fetching water from a tap near the north eastern side of the building when he spotted a suspicious looking object.
"As we were told to report anything that looks suspicious, I duly informed my superiors, who called the police," he said.
When police arrived at the scene, they ordered everyone out and began to conduct a thorough search of the premises with the aid of a sniffer dog.
In the meantime, other officers were examining the compressor.
The employees of the organisations found some time to laze around and told jokes as they waited for the police to complete their search.
The exercise ended at 10:30 am when the police had satisfied themselves that the offices were clean. They took the compressor away and allowed all the employees back in the building.
Later in the day, Police Assistant Public Relations Officer, Inspector Stephen Dlamini said when the compressor was examined; it was found that it was a component of an air conditioner.
"We suspect it fell from the building because the offices there have air conditioners," he said.