Pathologist exposes police, warders’ liesBy Welcome Dlamini on July 10,2010

Swazi News

MBABANE – Evidence led by independent pathologist Dr. Ganas Perumal suggests that police and prison officials lied to the inquest about circumstances surrounding the death of Sipho Jele.

Yesterday, the doctor informed the inquest that when he visited the scene of death at the Sidvwashini Correctional Services on May 14, 2010 he discovered that those who were in the same cell as Jele when he died had not been interviewed by the police.

This was exactly 10 days after Jele had been found dead in his jail cell.


This is contrary to the claims by police officers and prison warders who told the inquest that Jele’s cellmates were interviewed on the day he was found dead.

However, Dr. Perumal revealed that he was the one who advised that Jele’s cellmates be interviewed after he learnt that they had not been questioned.

"I asked if any of the inmates had been interviewed to see if they had seen him and if any fight had ensued during the night of his death but none had been interviewed. I asked the officers to interview the cellmates," Perumal said.

Another strange observation is that some of the cellmates also claimed to have been interviewed on the same day the deceased was found hanging.


The pathologist further related to the inquest that he found no object in Jele’s cell which he could have used to stand on in order to commit suicide.

A police officer had bravely informed the inquest that the late Jele stood on a dust bin known as umngowe when he allegedly hanged himself.

"The perplexing thing is how he got suspended as there was no object on which he stood," Perumal revealed to the inquest.