Swazi Times

Aug 19, 2010

LOBAMBA- Senator Ndileka Dlamini has called upon Minister of Information, Communication and Technology Nelisiwe Shongwe to deal with local reporters who leak sensitive news to South Africa.

The Minister was speaking during the debate of the ministry's first quarter budget debate.

She said there was a need to educate journalists that such actions compromise the nation as a whole when they reveal what she termed 'tintfo tasekahaya' meaning 'internal matters.

Dlamini said while the media has become responsible in its reporting, however, the leaking of sensitive stories was a cause for concern.

"Such must not be exposed to our neighbours. And you find it all over the internet," she said.

She called for a sense of patriotism from journalists.

"They must learn to respect the country and know what they are doing is wrong. They must know that action will be taken against them for doing such.

Senator Khephu Cindzi shared similar sentiments and asked the minister if social networking sites could be regulated to protect the country's image.

"There must be control on things like facebook because it is being abused. They discuss sensitive issues anyhow," he said.

In response the Minister (Shongwe) said the senators' concerns were justified.

"It is true that sometimes the content is not good to be publicised and besides, children use these cites. As part of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) we are looking lookin at cyber laws to protect ourselves from such things," she said.