Raped girl (12) fed crushed glass, poison

Swazi News May 24, 2008

MATSAMO – A teenage girl was poisoned in revenge by her rapist’s girlfriend – who is also the victim’s aunt - after he was given a nine-year sentence by the Pigg’s Peak magistrate’s court for the attack.
The 12-year-old girl who is currently recuperating at her parents’ home at Msawheni, was treated for food poisoning on Monday after eating a concoction of crushed glass and an unknown poison that had been mixed into her dinner of meat and pap.

In January this year, the young girl was at home alone at her homestead, when her aunt’s lover called her to his hut and overcame her.

The traumatised girl immediately reported the attack to her mother when she returned from Manzini. Her mother called the police who took the girl to the hospital.

After the attack, the victim’s parents took pity on the girl’s 48-year-old aunt and invited her to stay with them while her lover languished in jail.

According to police statements, the older woman began threatening, ‘to fix’ her niece, but the threats were unfortunately not taken seriously.

Police Public Relations Officer Superintendent Vusi Masuku said an arrest would be made by the Royal Swaziland Police soon.

"An enquiry file has been opened and the matter is under active police investigation. The poisoned meal has been taken in for forensic investigation," he said.

After the poisoning incident, the girl’s aunt was kicked out of their home.

The parents of the girl were not at home when the Swazi News visited the area.